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Lanzarote Photographer Willem De Meerleer

About me


I Am a professional photographer based on Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands.

Originaly I'm from Belgium and I live already more then 17 years on the island.

I Speak 5 languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish and French.

I´M specialised in different types of photography.

On my website you can see some examples of my work such as portraits, weddings, properties, etc.

A Passion for photography

Since I was a child I had already an eye for beautiful things and when I when I grew up I felt a strong passion for photography.

I have had the privilege to make my childhood dreams come true and love my work as a photographer very much.

Photography is my passion and is more a lifestyle than a job to me !

Professional and experienced photographer on Lanzarote

I´M a professional videographer since 2001 and after 4 years of study and practise in phototography I started my photography career in 2005.

My first professional photography activities were mainly aerial photography asignments.

Lanzarote the perfect combination

Since I live in Lanzarote for more than 17 years



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